Urbanscapes 2013

Friday, November 29, 2013

Hey guys! Pretty sure most of you high schoolers are having your holidays right now, so am I! 
It's really crazy how time flies so quickly. Just a friendly reminder to all of you, November is about to end in 2 days hahah. Well, make use of your time to do something memorable!
I'm very excited to share with all of you about my first ever experience at Urbanscapes! Trust me, I took about a week planning my outfits. It's not that I'm picky or whatsoever hahah. Looking for the right outfit for a festival is rather hard as you have to worry about the heat, the comfiness of the outfit and bla bla bla. Plus, the right pair of shoes are just as just as important! You wouldn't want to ruin that precious shoes of yours and have it covered in mud!  
Michelle and I went shopping for Urbanscapes and she got herself a Cut-Out Cross dress which I absolutely love! But she's skinny enough for that dress so it's a no for me ): I worked my little magic on Michelle and she looked super gorgeous during Urbanscapes. It's really rare to see her looking this fab! hahah!
All I have to say is Urbanscapes 2013 was fucking awesome. The vibe, the energy, the crowd...It feels very alive. It's so hard to explain how I love the whole 'festival feeling'. Everyone's all dressed up in their own ways and being comfortable in their owns shoes, which I don't often come across in my daily life. I felt pretty comfortable walking around Urbanscapes without having people looking at me with a very judgmental and creeped-out look. In conclusion, everyone's very friendly. Man, if only I could live in that forever. The older I get, the more I understand why certain people dress up the way they do. Why some prefer black over colours and some some prefer patterns over plain. By the way you dress up, it's like a statement of your inner self and personality without having to express it through words. Like the ultimate form of self expression.


Before Urbanscapes, these guys were complete strangers to us. Michelle, her sister and I were just walking and suddenly these guys came up to us and said:'Hey! Can we take a picture? We like the whole flower flower thingy!' And after getting to know them it turns out that they traveled from Singapore to Malaysia just to attend Urbanscapes! It's was really nice meeting them! Nice people!


 Thanks to the cool girl by the cashier, Michelle and I got a 18+ tag hahah! It was fun going in The House of Fame. It was really cool! There was a long balloon slide which looked extremely fun but we were wearing dresses ): But we decided to just slide down anyways haha! You can watch the video on my Instagram! (richeeneversleeps) After Urbanscapes, the Urbanrash happened! Practically everyone who was at Urbanscapes has the rash! Not sure if it's from the grass or the food, but there were zits-like rashes all over my body which was pretty scary. I guess it was because after having a few heeheheheheedrinksheehehehehe, Michelle and I felt dizzy and took a short nap on the grass and that's when icky bugs attack us, everyone too! When we woke up Michelle kept complaining that she's feeling really itchy all over her arm and I felt it too at my bum. I know right! Out of all places! Well, it's Mother Nature. We can't actually do anything about it hahah



i do not own any of the pictures above. 
 despite all the rash and itch after Urbanscapes, I really had one of the best moments of my life. Thank you to whoever that has contributed their time and hard work to put together a huge festival like this. 
I'm so coming back for more next year! 
 oh by the way, I spotted Michelle and I at WANISTA.COM along with some fashionably fashionistas!



  1. Hooray to the holiday! And you look like you had a blast! I can't wait to do fun things this summer myself too ♥

    1. haha hooray!
      This was my very first experience to a festival and I must say, it was an awesome experience!
      enjoy yourself during summer! ♥