How To Make A Flower Crown

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hey there! It's great to be back blogging again! Instead of the DIY tag, I decided to go with a MYO tag, which is Make Your Own! And today, I'll be teaching you (teacher of the day haha the name's Miss R by the way) how to make your own flower crown! What's the first thing that pops in your head when you hear the word 'Flower Crown'? LANA DEL REY! hahah I don't know 'bout you, but that's for sure the first thing that comes up my mind. I'm pretty sure she's the one who brought back the flower crown trend this year and myyyy oh myyyy she's one beauuutiful lady! I kinda go mental whenever she performs on stage (on TV of course). GOD BLESS HER BEAUTIFUL FACE, HAIR, EYES, LIPS, EVERYTHING! ♡
Alright so, moving on with the tutorial! First thing first, you'll have to head to your nearest mall to get some materials. All you need is:


The first step is to measure how wide you want the circle to be. I would recommend you to measure it directly on your head. You don't want it to be too big nor too small. After you're done measuring, cut the wire with the wire cutter and twist the wire into a big round circle. With the excess wire, wrap it around each other to secure it. You'll need to use the wire cutter for this as the wire is too stiff to bend it with your fingers. Place the ring on your head to make sure that you got the correct measurement. After all that is done, wrap the ring with the tape.  

After step one, I'll be letting the pictures do the talking. I reckon you guys would understand better that way, rather than reading the instructions. Trust me, it's really easy!


Here are some pictures that I found on Google to help inspire you when picking out the colour of your flowers

Yay! See, I told you that it's going to be easy! 
As you have already seen on my previous post, I bought myself a flower crown while I was at Urbanscapes. So what am I going to do with these flower crowns? Yes girls, a GIVEAWAY! It's my first ever GIVEAWAY so it deserves to be in caps! 

So here are some simple rules for the GIVEAWAY: 
-All you have to do is go on Instagram and repost my picture of the Flower Crown Giveaway on my Instagram, which is @richeeneversleeps. Mention @richeeneversleeps in your caption as well as hashtag #crownmethatcrown 
-To be fair and square, only one entry per day for each participant! 
The more you submit, the higher chances of winning!
If you are blogger or you would like to let others know about this contest, simply share this post anywhere you like and you might stand a higher chance of winning! 
- So this is basically how I am going to choose both the winners. Each time you enter the GIVEAWAY, your Instagram username or your name will be written on a small piece of paper. If you enter 10 times, it means that there will be ten small papers with your name in it. Email me if you have shared this post at any of your social networks and I'll count that as one entry per share. My email is So after collecting all the names and entries, I'll be picking out 2 papers from a box and that two person will be the winner! The whole procedure will be recorded and uploaded to my Instagram 
-This contest is open to all, so don't worry if you live 2000000000 miles away from me. 
You stand a chance to win too! 
-Contest ends on the 15th of January, 12:00 AM sharp 
This Flower Crown is a lot different than the ones you see at the store which are thin and tiny with less flowers. The one I've made is a full on flower crown than will definitely stand you out from the crowd! Good luck to all of you! xxx

My first ever giveaway! yayyyyyy! Do participate and show some loooove hahah! Thanks for reading <3 Stay tuned for the next update on how I style this flower crown! And don't forget to rate my blog by the pole beside!


  1. hey hi richeen im also a rookie fashion blogger and i kinda was having some problems with trying to make the pictures on my blog look bigger and clearer. can u te4ach me how to do please?:)

    1. hey Ashwiini! :)
      if you want your pictures to appear clearer, you'll have to take clear pictures. A good camera can help you solve this problem :)
      Whenever you upload a picture, a small menu bar will appear under your picture. that's where you change the size of your picture or insert a caption under your picture.
      Hope this helps! If you need a clearer explanation, please let me know! :) xx

    2. thanks richeen but i use my iphone to take the pictures but some of the picss when i make it bigger it turns blur:(

  2. oh ya forgot to ask you this how do you make your header photo soo big?!?!

  3. What app did you use to edit your photos?
    Your photos are super amazing and gorgeous!xx

    1. hey! aw thank you so much <3
      I edit them on my computer using photoscape/picmonkey/pixlr-o-matic! x